Since 2015, the FiinPro Platform has been on a mission to be the most comprehensive and in-depth financial database for Vietnam. Turning 8 years old, also celebrating the 15th anniversary of FiinGroup, we want to bring breakthrough in technology, comprehensiveness in data and perfection in experience. That's why we launched FiinPro-X – a new version of FiinPro.
With a new web-based version, improved user experience and updated series of outstanding features, FiinPro-X can offer you a large database of in-depth investment research and trading information. You are able to access instantly to exclusive news, data, insights and trading tools. Inheriting the strengths of the FiinPro Platform, FiinPro-X retains the leading position of innovation and information delivery. We help you save time and money in collecting, cleaning, validating, and standardizing data.
Macro data at your fingertips
FiinPro-X features comprehensive and detailed macroeconomic data, including new interface options and advanced data analysis features.
Search easily with just one click
Offers you to search for all information on the system easily and quickly,suggesting features, news, businesses, categories, categories suitable for Search Results.
Make the right decisions with customized charts
Offers you to search for all information on the system easily and quickly, suggesting features, news, businesses, categories, categories suitable for Search Results.
Never miss a beat
Access and experience the power of data from FiinPro-X anytime, anywhere with a modern, user-friendly and easier-to-navigate interface.
Powerful Data & Analytics
Tap into data, proprietary research & analytics by 50 experienced analysts holding CFA, CPA and ACCA qualification.
Real-time Data
Constantly update Vietnam stock market including watchlist of stocks, industry volatility and online price list with the feature of filtering stocks by industry, floor, increase/decrease, etc.
Quickly and accurately update market information including All Company Announcements, Industry News, Market News, Our Daily Reports.
Set of 200 important indexes
Help stock valuation, risk management, market liquidity measurement, management efficiency, financial strength and profitability.
Provide economic data with 1000+ macro indicators and tandard industry datasets for key sectors of Vietnam.
Interactive Analysis Charts
Advanced financial analysis charts with unlimited customization options, allowing users to create and save charts with their preferred data and features.
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